Lisfranc Injury - Carrollton, TX
Named after French surgeon James Lisfranc de St. Martin, a Lisfranc injury is said to have occurred when the bones or ligaments in the mid-foot get broken or torn. The mid-foot region comprises of numerous joints and ligaments that help to maintain the arch of the foot. There are five metatarsals that extend to the toes along with ligaments that support the foot. However, an injury in the mid-foot can lead to dislocated bones and ligaments in this region.


  • Injury while playing sports such as soccer or football
  • A sudden slip or fall
  • Unexpected twisting of the foot during athletic activities
  • Missing a step on the stairs
  • Traumatic injury during an automobile accident


  • Inflammation and pain on the top of the foot
  • Bottom of the foot gets bruised or discolored
  • Putting any weight on the foot can cause pain and discomfort
  • The foot might become distorted
  • Pain can be experienced while standing or walking


  • The specialist doctor will conduct a thorough examination of the foot
  • He will ask the patient about the symptoms and also note down the medical history
  • The middle part of the foot is carefully examined to look for the source of pain
  • Imaging tests such as X-Ray might be conducted to know the extent of dislocation of bones in the mid-foot
  • A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan can also be done to have a closer look at the damage caused to the ligaments in the foot
  • A CT scan proves to be helpful in determining if the patient requires surgery or not


A Lisfranc injury that has not caused any harm to the bones or ligaments in the foot does not require surgery and is treated with conservative treatment methods.

Non-surgical treatment

  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) is recommended to provide relief from pain and inflammation in the foot
  • A cast or walking boot can be recommended by the specialist doctor so as to immobilize the foot
  • The patient is advised not to put any weight on the injured foot for at least six weeks
  • Crutches or a knee scooter can be helpful in performing daily activities without putting any pressure on the foot
  • As the foot starts to regain its previous stability, physical therapy is recommended by the doctor

Surgical treatment

  • Surgical intervention is required when there is a fracture or severe injury to the ligaments in the foot
  • The two main surgical procedures include: Internal fixation and Fusion
  • During internal fixation, plates and screws are utilized to join the affected bones
  • On the other hand, the foot surgeon welds the bone fragments into one single piece while performing the process of fusion

Get in touch with a foot surgeon immediately in case of Lisfranc injury.